Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Values' Marketing - The case of IKEA in Spain

"This ad is going to go sooo viral" is the first thing I though while watching it

Is a very tender video, with a very true message released on the perfect moment. What else do you need?

We all know that kids prefer company to toys. We knew it from a while ago already. And now that the crisis left us with less money, is the perfect time to finally do something about it.

Values' marketing, the one that focuses on "campaigning" for a good cause instead of "selling" is the perfect choice for a mature brand like IKEA. We all know what IKEA is and what they sell, their best shot is to make us feel better when we buy from them.

Furthermore, they relate the ad to their 2014 campaign that highlights the importance of family (and therefore the house) on kids' education.

Congratulations to IKEA and to the agency: McCann Spain.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marketing and synergies using the know-how: Virgin America

A great creative idea doesn't always come from looking at what you need or where you want to get. Many times it's much easier to find inspiration by looking at what you have to work on, or the actual position you're starting from.

Virgin is a conglomerate of many different kinds of businesses. And Sir Richard Branson's brand airline "Virgin America" is well known for not being shy when it comes to marketing communication in order to support it's great slogan "A breath of fresh Airline".

Their spirit complies with this slogan.The clearest evidence for this is the depth to which they're already involved in the online world and it's trends, as can be most clearly seen on their YouTube Channel; containing dozens of videos of all kinds, trying to get the users to spread their word.

Their latest release (just yesterday) is a music video that tells the safety instructions on a plane in a much nicer way. Their are not the first ones on doing something like that (Delta and New Zealand Airlines did it already in a really). But on Virgin they have taken advantage of their know-how in the video-clip industry, and the result is a hundred times better, thanks mainly to an incredibly good production.

Since it's safety instructions, the content it's still boring sometimes, but they have done the best that can be done with such a base. Enjoy:

#FlexLikeCarrie. A great example of Viral Marketing

Many companies have tried to come up with a good (which means cheap) viral video.
Since viral works strangely, and are too interested on being too traditional on the methods and refined on the message. Many have had no success.

Well, maybe this one can give you an idea of what to do:

Good stuff...


Big round of applause for this commercial and the super powerful marketing concept that tries to bring about. Big round of applause for P&G. A 10 on branding.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Communication through stories: Storytelling applied to Marketing

Marketing is about communicating. And one of the way of communicate something is to telling a story about it. Good ideas get tremendously powerful when told through a story.

One of the best Marketing books for me is "Será mejor que lo Cuentes" a great guide on storytelling by Antonio Nuñez. Storytelling is a high form of art that, nonethelesss, can be applied in a huge range of disciplines including obviously most sorts of communication.

Today I'm bringing you a recap of 22 tips to create great stories by the Story Artist Emma Coats after her time working at Pixar. The beautiful presentation using frames of some of their most famous films was done by the designer Dino Ignacio. I'm sure that any marketing project can be enriched using these tips.

Here they are. Learn and enjoy: